Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday Miscellany

+ Homemade basil pesto.  Must try this method next time.
+ Some light gardening. Waiting is the hard part.
+ Cookbook indulgence. Bought this and this.
+ Finally watched Django Unchained. Liked this dissection of one of the scenes.
+ One can dream, right? Loved reading about this 51-Day Grand Tour of Asia.
+ Some binge watching.
+ Reading Recos from Hemingway.

Happy Tuesday.


  1. I have tried Heidi's pesto method and liked it, very different than what I've known, but good. River Cottage Veg is a book I've considered buying. Do you like it?

    1. So far, I do but I haven't tried a recipe yet. Hope to soon though! Will let you know!


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