Friday, February 8, 2013

Beach, etc.

Like the rest of the Northeast, I am bracing myself for the big snow storm, though I can't imagine anything named Nemo being very fearsome. No, too adorable.
These days I find my imagination escaping to warmer climes.
These photos of literary greats in their bathing suits made me laugh.
Many of these writers are notorious for being troubled or tormented. 
A look at these photos goes to show you that the ocean is, indeed, man's cure-all, at least for a little while.
These folks look darn happy, and I wish I could join them.

Sylvia Plath

Virginia Woolf


Hunter S. Thompson

Eugene O'Neil

See more here.

+ I'm really digging this.
+ It was interesting to go through BFI's list of best films voted by notable critics and directors.  (You can see how David O'Russell and Woody Allen voted.)
+ This amazing 360 view of my favorite city made me awfully nostalgic.
+ Why We Love to Run. Love is a strong word....

And note to self: 
Must learn how to make a delicious panna cotta. Perhaps using this recipe.

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