Friday, January 11, 2013


  - John Donne's The Good Morrow, particularly the line,"For love...makes one little room an everywhere." I think Julian Glover's old-school recitation here is pretty lovely:

- Alice Friman's poem Getting Serious, particularly the line, 

"And my heart flexed in me, a sail,
and I swear I saw it flying out of my chest
spiriting away my giddy soul"

- Cyrano De Bergerac. Again. I've been listening to this radio play 
(Kenneth Branagh as the hero and Tom Hiddleston as Christian): 

- I saw a production of Golden Boy, the Clifford Odets play. Tony Shalhoub's performance made me tear up, he was so good.

- I recently saw a Pinchas Zuckerman play the Bruch's Violin Concerto with the NY Philharmonic. Fantastic.

- I was introduced to Bruckner via his 6th symphony. Riveting.

And that's all I've got!
Have a wonderful weekend. 

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