Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chi il bel sogno di Doretta / Puccini

The other day I woke up to this aria playing on the radio.

It literally drew me out of my sleep - it was so heartbreakingly beautiful (those soaring high notes) ... and so familiar.
After some digging...Aha! Of course! It's from this scene from one of my favorite films ever.
And the words are particularly lovely. Here's the translation:

Doretta's beautiful dream
Who could guess
The beautiful dream Doretta had?
Why her mystery
Came to an end

One day a student
Kissed her on the mouth
And that kiss
Was the revelation:
It was the passion!
Mad love!
Mad happiness!
Who will ever be able again
To describe the light caress
Of a kiss so burning?

Oh! My dream!

Oh! My life!

Who cares for wealth
If at last happiness flourishes!
Oh golden dream
To be able to love
In this way!

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