Friday, December 7, 2012



1. I found this New Yorker article on underground dinner club Wolvesmouth fascinating.
Need to experience this for myself next year!

2. I've been listening to Schubert's Die Winterreise (Winter Journey). It has the right amount of melancholy for chilly winter days.

3. I enjoyed a few laughs at this play. Love David Hyde Pierce!

4. I watched Lincoln. Daniel Day Lewis was spectacular, and Sally Field, as his wife, was too.
I'm rooting for her. Ever since I saw this video about how she has to fight for every role and how she fought for this one. The whole roundtable conversation is really interesting and worth watching.

5. Have you been following this story? It's begging for a movie re-telling!

6. I do it. Do you do it too? The art of reading while walking.

Happy Friday!


  1. The Wolvesmouth chef/owner's life was such an interesting success story. He really had to fight his way through some rough childhood challenges. It was a good issue. I also liked Apollonia Poilâne's story.

    1. Agreed, Denise!
      I think I missed the Poilane story. I'll look into it this week. Thank you!


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