Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Keeping Things Whole

In a field
I am the absence
of field.
This is
always the case.
Wherever I am
I am what is missing.

When I walk
I part the air
and always
the air moves in
to fill the spaces
where my body's been.

We all have reasons
for moving.
I move
to keep things whole.

M. Strand

Lately, I've been living inside Mark Strand's elegant poetry. It's quite wonderful.


  1. Just checked out Mark Strand's Blizzard of One from my library.

  2. Oh, I hope you love it.

    Here's Paris Review interview with him conducted by Wallace Shawn:


    And a New Yorker piece on him:

    So far, a few of my favorite poems of his are:
    "The Remains"
    "The King"
    I will always love his famous "Eating Poetry"

    Let me know how you like the book!

  3. I did love it. I believe it is one of my favorites. I've returned it to the library, but will be buying a copy of my own. I keep thinking about Old Man Leaves Party. So good. Thank you! Reasons for Moving is next...

  4. I finally got to the interview and enjoyed it. Thanks.


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